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Schnazzy Napkins

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Well…here it is…our first tutorial!

Today I’m diving in with our first tutorial, Schnazzy Napkins, lol…it’s the only name I can think of for them.They can be fancy or casual and for some reason the sound of the word schnazzy in my mind fits the bill. I love this project! It’s one of my go-to gifts, great for a wedding shower, house warming or even just because you really want to bless someone special.

Before I get into the nuts and bolts of the project, let me provide a disclaimer…I did not design or develop this napkin pattern, there are several different versions available out there on the web, all with a little bit of a different approach or technique.This is just how I like to make them.

So with that said…let’s get started!

Schnazy Napkins

For 4 napkins you will need one yard each of two contrasting, but complementary fabrics. For this tutorial I chose two fabrics we have available on our website.The blue fabric is a textured, linen look cotton by Andover that is perfect for this type of project and can be found here. I like the weave and it has a nice amount of body to it, so it’s great for not just these, but many other projects.

The printed fabric is a beautiful print by Marcus Fabrics from the Red is the New Neutral line and can be found here. I thought the two of these fabrics went well together and would be perfect for using on the 4th of July!


From each one yard piece you will need to cut two 20 ½ inch squares and two 13 ½ inch squares. Set aside the four 13 ½ inch pieces for now and let’s focus on the four larger squares. You will need to sew a straight stitch, or stay stitch, ½ inch in from the outer edge of the square on all four sides.


Now using the stitch line as your guide you will iron the edge over, folding it so that the stitch line is just inside the fold.

For making the mitered corner you will need to make a template out of plastic, stiff paper or cardboard. Since this project is one I make often, I needed something more durable than the stiff paper or cardboard.  Living in a rural area, without easy access to the big chain craft/sewing stores, I have found a household kitchen product to make to my templates, disposable cutting boards…yep…they are cheap and I can find them here in our little town with ease. And they come in pretty colors too!


To make the template cut a 4 inch square out of your template material of choice. Cut the square diagonally into two triangles. Use one of the triangles as your template. Place the template on each of the four corners of the napkin and mark with chalk or marking pen. This will be your stitching line to get a perfect mitered corner.


Once you have marked all four of your corners on each square you’re going to match up your chalk lines, pin and then sew along the line then trim the corner off.

Turn your corners and iron nice and flat.

You’re almost done!

Now retrieve your 13 ½ inch squares and place them centered on the mitered square and slip the edges under…like putting a picture in a frame. Pin to keep the inserted fabric from slipping around and then sew all the way around approximately 1/8 inch in. You can also make a double stitch around if you want to add a little more polish to your project.




VOILA! You’re done! Aren’t they wonderful?!?! You are going to be so addicted to making these! They go together quickly and it’s a lot of fun to pick different fabric combinations.


We have several different colors of the textured cotton to choose from so the possibilities are endless!

Thank you for joining us! We are looking forward to this journey!


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